5 Custom Kitchen Improvements to Discuss with Your Remodeling Contractors in San Luis Obispo County

5 Custom Kitchen Improvements to Discuss with Your Remodeling Contractors in San Luis Obispo County

kitchen remodelAre you planning to take on a kitchen renovation project in the near future? Even if you only intend to make a few upgrades, you might still be looking for some unique ideas on how to really improve your kitchen. Read ahead for some great kitchen improvement ideas you can discuss with your remodeling contractors in San Luis Obispo County—you can follow and implement any of these ideas to achieve the look and functionality you desire in a kitchen.

A successful kitchen remodel can bring a great deal of satisfaction, while also helping to increase the value of your home. Not only that, but properly planned and executed kitchen remodeling upgrades can also allow for a better use of existing space while offering an improved storage capacity. Keep these factors in mind when planning your kitchen remodel this summer.


  • Add an island: Adding a kitchen island started as a trend, but take it from experienced remodeling contractors in San Luis Obispo County: this trend is here to stay. Talking to a contractor, you can easily determine if your particular kitchen layout is conducive to adding a kitchen island. If possible, adding a kitchen island simply cannot be beat when it comes to adding storage capacity, relocating appliances and dramatically changing the aesthetic appeal of the existing space. Ask your contractor if an island is possible in your current kitchen.
  • Matching appliances: Stainless steel is the most popular choice when it comes to new appliances. Its popularity comes from the fact that it has a universal appeal and a shiny look, which is often associated with luxury. It also provides a more sterile surface than many other options. More important for your kitchen remodel, however, is to find the color you like, and to ensure your finished kitchen has all matching appliances. Determining the right countertops and cabinet colors to go with your appliances is also crucial to the final design. Let your artistic side take control when it comes to making these decisions.
  • New cabinets: Maple cabinetry continues to reign supreme in popularity for kitchen remodels. Different shades of white or off-white hues make good finishes, as well, or you can go for dark natural finishes. The trick is to consider the amount of natural lighting in your kitchen, and to ultimately go with personal preference. Most remodeling contractors in San Luis Obispo County will give you numerous options to choose from, so be sure to consider all the options that may be available.
  • New countertops: Any extensive kitchen remodel will include new countertops. There are many materials to choose from, occupying a vast range of prices. Picking what is right for you will depend a lot on budget, but also on the pros and cons of each. Make sure you investigate countertop options prior to taking on a kitchen remodel.
  • New light fixtures: Looking for a kitchen improvement that is a little less extensive? Consider replacing the light fixtures. For very little money, you can add accent lighting to draw attention to kitchen decorations like glassware, dishware and frames. If you simply want decorative light fixtures, you can go for sconce lighting. For little expense, you can significantly change the appearance of your kitchen by adding better lighting. For more custom kitchen ideas to consider for your remodel, call Central Pacific Construction today.

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