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Paso Robles Residential Remodeling Contractor residential remodeling paso robles

Finding a good Paso Robles Residential Remodeling Contractor can be difficult… really difficult. Especially when you don’t want to settle for just any random contractor up to the job; You want a courteous, diligent, hardworking construction expert that has all the experience necessary to tackle your remodel.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s perfectly understandable to want a qualified contractor to handle your remodel, whether it’s a room, kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, or even your entire home. We hold our personal properties dear, so of course you’d want to do some option exploring when choosing a contractor!

But explore no longer, whatever the task at hand is you’ve found your dream crew: Central Pacific Construction. Allow us to introduce ourselves; our team at Central Pacific Construction is composed of construction and residential contracting experts with an unmatched work ethic and meticulous eye for detail. We’re locally owned and operated, with our main office located in Templeton since 1997.

We understand that our clients don’t have to choose us, but they come to us because they know exactly what they’ll be getting from us: the highest levels of service and workmanship in the entire county. We take pride in our reputation for being the top residential and commercial contractor in the county, but hey, anyone can make these claims, right? Fear not, this isn’t just mere bravado, we’re a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating and reputation for excellent service, a strong eye for detail, and bold, stylish designs!

Our Paso Robles Residential Remodeling Contractor has taken on many a job and worked on several remodels. Here are just a few of the services that we offer our clients:

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen: where families gather to prepare and share meals, talk about their day, and spend quality time. No matter if you’re a passionate culinary artiste or a common chef, you deserve a quality kitchen unique to your home only. The perfect remodel inspires culinary fantasy and brings families closer than ever. Central Pacific Construction will bring creative, practical management to our clients remodel projects, following their plans down to a T.

Bathroom Remodels

Let’s face it, life can be stressful sometimes. It’s these times when you’d like a warm, inviting place to take a relaxing bath and soak away your cares. Our team can create a soothing place for you to retreat to in times of stress or just a pleasant place to start your day! Let Central Pacific Construction help you create a bathroom of your dreams.

To reach our Paso Robles Residential Remodeling Contractor, call us at (805) 471-4749