Best tips for planning the new deck

Best tips for planning the new deck

Paso Robles contractor, Frank Cueva at Central Pacific Construction has prepared some tips to help design that new deck. Decks can add beauty and value to a home as well as add extra living and entertaining space.

Trying to decide on a design for a new deck can be daunting because there are so many options. These tips can help organize your thoughts and get you to a final decision, maybe even in time for summer parties!

  •  Consider your lifestyle. Do you like to entertain a lot? What ages are your children and how will they be using the deck? Do you envision quiet time just sitting on the deck reading or enjoying quiet conversation? Do you plan on using the deck year-round or only in warm weather? Will you be cooking on the deck or bringing food out?
  • Where is the deck going to be? Behind the house? Wrapping around sections of the house? Is any portion going to be visible from the street?
  • How big is your backyard? How do you envision using landscaping and container gardens to blend the deck with your gardens and house?
  • What kinds of views do you want to have from your deck? Views of spectacular sunrises and sunsets? Views of the mountains or the ocean? Or, maybe you just want to sit on the deck and admire your gardens or watch the kids playing.
  • Can you see a multi-level deck in your mind? What do the levels look like and how will they be arranged. What will the stairs connecting the levels look like? What will the railing look like?
  • What kind of lighting would you like to illuminate the deck and the stairs? Lighting is a way to use the space into the evening and also a safety feature. The options are endless and the ideal lighting is a mixture of lighting stairs, railings and walkways that serves as both safety and ambient lighting, and attractive area lighting. The choices include under rail lights, stair lights, rope lights, chandeliers and lights on dimmers.
  • Do you want an outdoor kitchen or just a grill? Do you want a combination of outdoor cooking and bringing food from the kitchen?
  • What kind of water supply are you going to need?
  • Will the entire deck be covered or only a section? What kind of covering? Pergolas are very attractive and canopies can be very versatile.
  • What kind of finish do you see for your deck? Stain, paint or a combination of both?
  • Is there a hot tub on or near the deck? What kinds of furnishings will work best? Built-ins are very convenient but don’t provide as much versatility as deck furniture. Tables that can be combined for large family-style seating but separated to create traffic flow are very versatile. Will you need storage for extra furniture and seat cushions?

Thinking of the deck as an addition to your home that gives your family more living space to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. Once you have a good idea about how your family will use the new deck, what you want it to look like and how it is going to physically fit into your property call the contractor to start the building process.

Central Pacific Construction has been a Paso Robles contractor and construction leader since 1997. Skilled in all areas of construction, the company has completed a wide range of residential and commercial projects including remodels, new construction, tenant improvements, retail space and more. Call today to get your deck started.