Commercial building design solutions from the Paso Robles contractor

Commercial building design solutions from the Paso Robles contractor

Whether building new or remodeling an existing business, one of the top considerations is modernizing. Even if a vintage theme is part of the overall design, Frank Cueva, the Paso Robles contractor from Central Pacific Construction believes that incorporating the latest design trends is important for many reasons, such as:

  • Better lighting for safety and improved productivity
  • Colors that increase curb-appeal and employee productivity
  • Overall curb-appeal that attracts customers
  • Take advantage of cost-and-energy-saving equipment, appliances and electronics
  • Increased property value

It’s certainly easier to create an updated modern looking building when starting from the ground up but modernizing an existing building isn’t as difficult as one might think. Remodeling offers some unique benefits because the unique characteristics that first influenced your decision to open business in that particular building can be retained. With the right design and building contractor, a remodel can bring your business into the 21st century with a look that will last for a very long time.

The Paso Robles contractor advises that a few of the top design trends that can be cost-effectively incorporated into an existing building include:

  • Taking advantage of existing unique features
  • Creating more open space
  • Updated lighting
  • Unconventional materials

Taking advantage of existing unique features

Rather than ripping out a feature that makes the exterior or interior unique, think about either designing around it, or altering it in a manner that retains its uniqueness. Sometimes all that is needed is a couple coats of an updated color of paint.

A couple of examples might be a uniquely shaped counter with that has been in the building since it was built or a unique front entry.

If the counter is in the way, think about either resizing it or moving it to a different interior location. An otherwise attractive or unique entryway can be brought up to date with some updated materials and high-technology signage.  

Creating more open space

Open spaces serve some important purposes in commercial buildings:

  • Customers will spend more time browsing retail stores that are open and spacious, or give the impression of openness.
  • Employees are more productive with good lighting, air circulation and a feeling of open space around them.

Open space can be created by removing walls and to overcome the lack of privacy or confidentiality that some businesses require, many of the walls can be replaced by glass panels. Special digitally controlled blinds can be installed for workspaces where privacy is needed. The Paso Robles contractor can recommend a solid solution for moving or replacing walls.

A sense of open space can be acquired with good choices in windows that allow wider views of the outside, especially when there are expansive views available. Windows that offer views of landscaping and the sky are especially valuable for providing a sense of openness. When the view from a window isn’t so great, some well placed tall plants can still bring the outside in.

Updated lighting

Lighting is important for security, safety, productivity and décor. The right blend of light, open space and glass can make the interior feel even more spacious and modern.

Natural light has so many benefits, including reducing the cost of electrical lighting. Bringing as much natural light into a building as possible is a smart and economic way to modernize. Taking advantage of advances in lighting technology is also smart and economic. LED lighting is leading the field in performance, economics and appearance. The fixtures can be a modern or as traditional as you choose.

Unconventional materials

Unconventional materials can include just about anything from recycled to the specially created and constructed. Unusual materials can be used for walls as long as they are structurally sound. Recycled, reclaimed and interestingly shaped materials can be used as accents and art.

Nothing replaces solid and expert construction

Whether building new or remodeling, the final decision on how your commercial space looks is up to you. Just like at home, a well-designed and constructed business building is a reflection of you and your business. It’s a place that customers and employees can enter and enjoy.

Whether you hire an architect for design or work closely with a talented contractor, a satisfactory end-product comes from the work of an expert contractor who delivers quality work.

Since it was founded in 1997, Central Pacific Construction has been solidly ranked among the best contracting companies in Paso Robles and the Central Coast. Frank Cueva and his team can help you with a number of things including commercial construction, residential construction, remodeling, damage repair, house improvements and much more. The team offers a wide variety of services and take pride ourselves in delivering high levels of service and workmanship and on time.

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