Our Latest Project: Building an Entertainment Building onto an RV Park

Our Latest Project: Building an Entertainment Building onto an RV Park

RV fixesThere’s a magical time in the life of a general commercial contractor in San Luis Obispo County when bidding goes through on a project and a company is awarded the job. From that point, it’s up to the contractor to make sure that the vision for the development lives up to its expectations and when it does, it’s a proud moment that a company can forever use to highlight its capabilities and passion for the job.

Central Pacific Construction is proud to announce that our company has once again been presented with one of these opportunities: we have been contracted to help build an entertainment building as an addition to a local RV park in San Luis Obispo County. We hope that this project, like many we’ve taken on before it, culminates in something that people will come to enjoy for years and years to come!

More than just a building

Part of the reason Central Pacific Construction is so proud to be the general commercial contractor in San Luis Obispo County for this entertainment building is because it’s so much more than just a building: it’s a development that has real benefit and tremendous potential to bring joy to the people utilizing it.

Every time an RV full of adventurers pulls up or every time a family on vacation pulls into the lot, they’ll be able to look at a building we built and know that options for fun, entertainment and excitement all exist for them to partake in. Knowing that we’re instrumental in that future happiness is something we bring to the job right from the start, to ensure that the finished product is more than beneficial.

Setting the standard for future sustainability

In addition to ensuring that a building lives up to its functional potential, Central Pacific Construction is also determined to showcase the sustainable focus of our building efforts. We’re well known as an innovative general commercial contractor in San Luis Obispo County because we take the time to make sure our buildings stand the test of time.

From the clean, sleek façade of the building that will welcome the RV park campers, to the beautiful, accommodating and functional interior that will support a myriad of entertainment options, people will come to enjoy this building for decades to come.

Entertainment for all

If you’re someone that likes to travel the country in an RV, taking in the sights, sounds and wonders of the open road and every destination along the way, you can appreciate the accommodations that RV parks have to offer. And, if you rest your head in a San Luis Obispo County RV park that offers a brand new, beautiful entertainment building, know that it’s the product of Central Pacific Construction. We put our very best efforts into all of our work—especially those buildings that will bring numerous people joy and entertainment for years and years in the future.