Paso Robles kitchen remodeling company list top tips for restaurants

Paso Robles kitchen remodeling company list top tips for restaurants

Central Pacific Construction, the top kitchen remodeling company in Paso Robles has created a list of tips to help restaurants remodel kitchens, dining rooms and other spaces. The points to consider include the following:

  • Traffic
  • Seating
  • Stoves, ventilation and refrigeration
  • Storage
  • Restrooms


It is important to leave enough room for employees and guests to move around safely and comfortably. Kitchen staff and wait staff sometimes need to move at warp speed during busy times. One of the first things to do is study the traffic patterns and allow enough room between kitchen fixtures and furnishings on the dining floor for safety and efficiency.

Analyzing how staff and customers can both move comfortably is important for the dining experience. Crowded dining areas, where customers are sitting nearly shoulder-to-shoulder, or feel they have to lean to give room for others, especially service staff, to pass can actually discourage business.

A study of the work and traffic areas in the kitchen, the bar, the reception area and the dining room make sure there will be enough room for everyone’s comfort and safety.


Seating needs to be situated so that diners can enjoy private conversations, and move chairs away from the table without bumping a neighbor. Tables need to have efficient access so they can be easily cleaned and set up between diners.

Stoves, ventilation and refrigeration

If these appliances are already in place, are there plans to move any of them? This might mean replumbing and rewiring, which can be expensive. Before making this kind of decision, hire an experienced kitchen remodeling company, like Paso Robles’ Central Pacific Construction to help scope out the floor plan and current outlets, gas lines and plumbing. Maybe moving counters and work surfaces and changing the traffic pattern is all that is needed for more space.


Storage also needs to be easily accessible to avoid accidents, injury and work slowing down because someone has to dodge an open cabinet or locker door.


Do the restrooms need new paint, tile, counter? What about new toilets? Do the restrooms meet the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)? What is needed to make sure restrooms are ADA compliant?

Is there enough space for the next person in line to wait comfortably when the restroom is occupied? How many private stalls can each restroom accommodate?

Is there sufficient ventilation?

Work with the expert

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