Top remodeling ideas for small bathrooms

Who appreciates a small cluttered-looking bathroom? No one wants to squeeze in, the room is hard to clean, and where do the towels, toothbrushes, and toilet paper go? When knocking out a wall to make the bathroom larger is not an option, don’t feel stuck with a cramped bathroom. Central Pacific Construction, the Paso Robles bathroom remodeling expert, has some remodel tips that can add elegance and spaciousness to a small bathroom.

Making changes in areas including lighting, use of floor space, and fixtures can make a big difference in transforming a crowded and cluttered bathroom.

  • Let the light in
  • Use the corners
  • Open floor space
  • Upgrade the fixtures
  • Change the mirror and shower door

Let the light in

Windows, skylights, and lighting can make small spaces seem larger. The correct kind of lighting eliminates shadows, which tend to make rooms look small. Windows bring the outside in, giving a sense of spaciousness.

If the location of the bathroom permits, consider creating a bathroom patio with a sliding door. In the right weather, a tub or shower in the patio adds a sense of luxury and adds floor space without actually creating an entirely new room.

Use the corners

Corner cabinets take up less floor space and can provide just as much storage as flat wall cabinets. Corners of rooms are rarely used and are a perfect spot for a tall linen cabinet for linens, toiletries, toilet paper, and bathroom cleaning supplies.

A corner is also a space-saving location for the bathroom sink. Surround the corner pedestal sink with a narrow vanity countertop and some open shelving.

Open floor space

The more floor space that meets the eye, the larger a room seems. Tips for keeping floor space open include:

  • Install a pedestal sink
  • Mount faucets into the wall, allowing a slim-lined sink to be installed. That few inches saved makes a big difference.
  • Float the vanity by attaching it to the wall and leaving the space below open.
  • Round the vanity corners. Corners protruding into a small room are great places to pick up hip bruises, plus, rounded corners add visual space.
  • Extend the vanity counter over the toilet. Not only does this give the room a more open look, but it also provides a little extra space to put things. Be sure to leave space between the counter and toilet tank to remove the tank lid when necessary.

Upgrade the fixtures

Some of the modern designs in bathroom sinks, toilets, faucets, and showers are very streamlined and space-saving. Do some research on the latest designs in these fixtures to find items that will add spaciousness to a tiny bathroom.

Change the mirror and shower door

Using a large mirror opens a room. Eliminating the shower door also opens a small bathroom. Use a shower curtain that can slide back.

The bathroom can also be designed and tiled for an open floor plan so that no shower door or curtain is needed, The Paso Robles bathroom remodels experts at Central Pacific Construction can help with any special bathroom remodel design.

More tips

The floor and wall finishes can also make a room seem larger. Using large patterns for flooring and staying with one or two colors in the same color range are better than contrasting colors and small patterns.

Rather than mounting towel racks on the wall, or the shower door, mount them on the bathroom door.

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