We will guide you through your Paso Robles commercial construction project

–Central Pacific Construction has been a trusted source for Paso Robles commercial construction and residential construction projects since 1997. For 20 years, owner Frank Cueva has maintained a standard of excellence and developed trusted relationships here on the Central Coast. As a result, clients continue to return to Central Pacific Construction again and again for their construction needs.

Being the premiere source for reliable contracting on the Central Coast, the team at Central Pacific Construction can guide you through your Paso Robles commercial construction project. For those who’ve never dipped their toe in these waters before, we will help you get your construction project approved through the proper channels, avoiding some major hassles down the line.

There are many steps involved in the commercial construction process, including submitting applications, paying fees, and providing various documentations. The process can be daunting, but that is where Central Pacific Construction comes in! We are seasoned construction industry professionals and know all the ins and outs of the process. We can help you every step of the way.

As veteran Paso Robles commercial contractors, Central Pacific Construction is very familiar with what the city is looking for in these applications, and you can rest assured that our plans and calculations will pass review. Central Pacific Construction has maintained great relationships with the city planning department, as well as local architects, draftsman, and other professionals in the field.

The process isn’t the quickest, as the Building Division estimates its initial review will take 45 working days (30 for small projects), which doesn’t include evaluations of grading and drainage if they’re applicable. And each subsequent recheck of the plans will take the same amount of time: extra incentive for you to get things right on the first attempt. Whether you end up having to consider grey water disposal or sediment control procedures, we’ve got the knowhow to guide you through the bureaucratic hoops.

Paso Robles Commercial Construction

Based on our track record, we’re confident Central Pacific Construction is the best choice for Paso Robles commercial construction projects, and residential projects as well! We’ll get your project designed, approved and built with the least hassle and the highest satisfaction. Give us a call today at (805) 471-4749.