1401 Park Street

1401 Park Street

Central Pacific Construction were recently hired to take on the task of improving the exterior of 1401 Park St. in Paso Robles.  Creating a fine outdoor seating area, painting the entire building, as well as the installation of original and cool looking awnings were the main tasks completed. However, a new sidewalk curb and gutter were also construction tasks completed to perfection. Central Pacific Construction is honored to have been the company chosen to complete such a project. We have a very nice comment by Cliff Branch about the project below.

Mayor Martin, City Council Members, Warren Frace, and David Athley,

Thank you for approving the outdoor dining area for our building located at 1401 Park Street. We are pleased that the new restaurant has come to Paso Robles to fill the vacant anchor space and thus two of the other tenants in the building are also now reopening. We also refurbished the exterior of the building. Frank Cueva and Central Pacific Construction of Paso Robles did an excellent job. The public now have brand new sidewalks that meet ADA codes. All good! Grand opening soon.

With warm regards,

Cliff Branch

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