Paso Robles Contractor Announces Tips to Streamline Building a Dream Home

Paso Robles Contractor Announces Tips to Streamline Building a Dream Home

-After years of dreaming about how life will be in the new dream home, prospective homeowners are often unpleasantly surprised by unexpected costs, delays in getting the building permit, delays in getting things like plumbing and electrical finished and having to make last minute compromises on materials. Frank Cueva from Central Pacific Construction, the Paso Robles general contractor has some tips to help make the entire process, from planning to moving in go smoothly.

Finally, the time has come to build the home you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s the first home, a retirement home, or the home that is the reward for years of working and sacrificing, it’s time. The land is ready, the finances are in place and now it’s time for the planning phase— finalizing the design of the home and drawing up the blueprints.

The planning phase is critical for a couple of reasons:

  • The planning process is when the budget is finalized. The budget includes the architect, materials, architectural features, quality of windows, doors, rugs and window coverings, furnishings including appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinets, paint colors, building permits and choosing the building contractor.
  • The final step of planning is getting the building permit approved, which may involve making changes to the plans.

Getting through the building permit process can be one of the most frustrating aspects of building a home, or any building for that matter. When the plans don’t meet every planning department requirement the delays can be expensive and cause critical delays for starting construction and even change the move in date. Cueva, the Paso Robles contractor, said, “Staying on schedule and within budget requires experience and meticulous attention to detail.”

One of the most important things to help keep everything on schedule, and control costs, is to involve the building contractor in the entire process as soon as possible. An experienced builder can help make the entire process run smoothly for several reasons:

  • The contractor is familiar with the local building codes and can review the plans and make recommendations before starting the permit process. In fact, many contractors have professional relationships with local building departments and inspectors and can handle the entire permitting process from start to approval.
  • The contractor is the person to select the best materials for the best cost and can make recommendations for quality and cost-effective appliances, fixtures and other details.
  • An experienced local contractor has the capability to handle all aspects of the project, including electricians, plumbers, painters, even landscapers.
  • Once building starts, the contractor works with the code inspectors to make sure that every inspection is passed and approved, avoiding discouraging and costly delays.

Central Pacific Construction, the Paso Robles contracting company, has been serving the California Central Coast with excellence since 1997. The company specializes in residential and commercial construction of all types and brings a superior level of expertise to every remodeling and building project. The team is meticulous about detail, supervising every aspect of a project from start to finish. “We are always available to our clients and take pride in being the top residential and commercial contractor in the region,” said Cueva. “We look forward to taking on new projects.”

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