Paso Robles Contractor Reports ‘Green Construction Trends for 2023’

Paso Robles Contractor Reports ‘Green Construction Trends for 2023’

-Central Pacific Construction is a Paso Robles Contractor and understands the trend of green construction, which encompasses both residential and commercial properties, is gaining momentum as individuals express heightened concern for energy and water efficiency, as well as the reduction of materials destined for landfills.

Paso Robles contractor and Central Pacific Construction owner, Frank Cueva, has recently published a report on the 2023 green construction trends. Green homes and commercial buildings are designed with a focus on environmental sustainability, emphasizing the efficient utilization of resources. In addition to enhanced energy and water usage, the incorporation of recycled building materials is playing an increasingly significant role in home and business design and construction. This includes water and energy-efficient appliances, solar energy, and a growing array of recycled building materials available in today’s market.

Manufacturers are responding to environmental demands by offering more recycled building materials, such as flooring and roofing made from recycled materials, as well as recycled metal, tiles, and glass for commercial use. Salvaged materials are also in high demand, valued for their craftsmanship, character, history, and the fact that repurposing them helps reduce landfill waste. However, it is essential to engage in thorough discussions with your contractor in Paso Robles to ensure that salvaged items are structurally suitable for their intended purpose.

Green construction has experienced consistent growth since the establishment of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) green building rating system in 1998. Today, the LEED rating system is widely utilized across various building types, from residential to agricultural and commercial. According to Investor Management Services (IMS), a LEED-certified home in California typically sells for approximately $17,000 more than a standard home. Industry forecasts indicate that the green construction sector is poised for continued expansion. A report from Emergen Research published in GlobeNewsWire projects that the global green construction market will reach a value of $610 billion by 2027.

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