Paso Robles Bathroom Remodeling Company Reports on the Options for Garden Bathrooms

Paso Robles Bathroom Remodeling Company Reports on the Options for Garden Bathrooms

Everyone wants a beautiful, spacious bathroom with a personalized sense of comfort, luxury and even the exotic. Whether the idea is to remodel the bathroom to create more space, the sensation of more space, install a new floor and add a personal touch, garden bathrooms can satisfy a wide range of personal tastes and budgets and Frank Cueva from Central Pacific Construction, the Paso Robles bathroom remodeling company has some options.

Garden bathrooms bring the outdoors inside. Depending on how much square-footage one wants to add to the bathroom, the design can allow for a few select plants that flourish in the steamy moisture of a shower or bathtub to an actual garden with plants growing out of the ground or planter boxes.

The garden portion can be soil, partially tiled, covered with artistically arranged stones or filled with planters and shelves to hold plants in pots. Basically, imagine a bathroom with a private patio.

Considerations are going to be drainage, ventilation, the best way to water the plants and how to have an exotic garden bathroom that still has privacy.

There are also many options for privacy including interior doors between the bathroom area and the garden area, garden fence-styled walls that provide privacy and the impression of being outdoors. Open or glass ceilings also allow natural light.  Adding an actual small greenhouse to an exterior wall with appropriate privacy screening is another option. Other privacy options include frosted glass or custom etched glass sliding doors and more.

The Paso Robles bathroom remodeling company has a reputation for bold, stylish designs and is committed to quality work. Bring any ideas for any bathroom remodel, including a lush and luxurious garden bathroom to the team.

Two of the most popular options are to:

  • Simply add a greenhouse type window to hold favorite plants. Greenhouse windows are often installed in kitchens for growing herbs and favorite houseplants. These windows come in many different sizes and styles so a garden bathroom isn’t going to be limited to the traditional kitchen-type window.
  • Open up an exterior wall, enlarging the bathroom. This might sound like a regular bathroom remodel but the difference is how a garden is incorporated into the floorplan.

The bathroom is where most of us go to freshen and clean up, start every day and unwind with a long hot bath or shower. Personalizing the bathroom with the guidance of the Paso Robles bathroom remodeling company is the best way to get the perfect bathroom. A luxurious bathroom also adds value if the time ever comes to sell the home.

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