‘Best Contractor Secrets’ Reported by Paso Robles Company, Central Pacific Construction

‘Best Contractor Secrets’ Reported by Paso Robles Company, Central Pacific Construction

–Even though budgets are important, choosing a contractor based on a low bid doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best contractor. Paso Robles contractor, Frank Cueva of Central Pacific Construction says there are other very important things to consider along with the cost of the project.

“There is more to putting up a new building, or remodeling a kitchen than showing up with hammers and nails,” said Cueva. “Doing the best job possible comes down to skill, respect and ethics.” Cueva decided to release “Best Contractor Secrets” to help home and business owners choose a contractor that is going to meet all of their construction needs, including considering the cost.

Choosing a contractor based solely on price might keep the bank account happy, but should not be the only reason for the final decision. The traits of the best contractors include experience, reliability and a solid local reputation. The report “Best Contractor Secrets” identifies the top traits for people to look for when choosing a contractor.

  • Experience and reputation
  • Respect and ethics
  • Communication

Experience and reputation

Experience comes from years of hard work and a commitment to do the best job possible. Knowing the “tools of the trade” are one thing, learning how to apply the knowledge gained from working on all kinds of construction projects from remodeling garages and single rooms to commercial buildings gives a contractor the exposure to bring top skills to the job.

Even to successfully remodel a room, a contractor needs to know about electrical wiring, plumbing, termites, water damage, and more. Some construction projects go from start to finish without any problems, some have problems from the beginning and knowing when an electrician needs to be called, or which materials are best for repairing termite or water damage are going to prevent future problems and expenses.

The more experience a contractor has and the better the reputation, the more wisely the home or business construction budget is spent.

Working with a local contractor is a good choice for several reasons, a few being:

  • Completed projects are nearby and easier to visit for those interested in seeing examples of the quality of work.
  • A local contractor, the employees and families are members of the community and involved in the same community activities as you and your friends and family.
  • The recommendations will come from people you know and trust.

Respect and ethics

“When we are invited into someone’s home or business, it is important to respect their space,” said Cueva. “We treat everyone, their pets, their belongings, and even their landscaping with the utmost respect.” The goal must be to deliver customer satisfaction time after time.

Respect also means negotiating a fair price for the job. Ethics means not taking risky shortcuts and honoring the final agreement.


Central Pacific Construction makes sure to understand what the customer is expecting before starting the project, including:

  • Mutually agreed upon fair price that takes into account both the desired result and budget
  • Ongoing communication during and after the project so that expectations are being met and questions are answered
  • Gaining customers’ trust by delivering the highest levels of service and workmanship.

Experience, local and committed

Central Pacific Construction has been building and remodeling residences and commercial buildings since 1997. Considered one of the best Paso Robles contractors, the company is known for superior workmanship and meticulous detail.

The company specializes in commercial and residential construction of all types. Projects over the years include the construction of restaurants and retail spaces, including tenant improvements, custom homes, and residential and commercial remodels.

Contact Central Pacific Construction for an estimate and to get your job started.

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