The latest kitchen remodel trends from Central Pacific Construction

The latest kitchen remodel trends from Central Pacific Construction

Central Pacific Construction brings you the latest exciting Paso Robles kitchen remodeling trends ranging from edgy avant-garde to classic and retro. In short, there is something here for every taste that can be incorporated into a brand new kitchen, a remodel or a few touches to freshen up the look from floor to ceiling.

A few of the top ways to freshen up a kitchen include:

  • Colors and textures
  • Change up the cabinets
  • Dress up the countertops
  • Add personal touches

Colors and textures

The new kitchen colors moving to the top of the list for 2019 are subtle blue-gray shades, gray with a hint of purple, and soft sage greens.

Reclaimed wood for cabinets and floors adds everything from a rustic to a smooth sophisticated touch, depending on the character of the wood. Using reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly and very often has natural weathering and texturing features that add interest and beauty to rooms. Sources for reclaimed wood include razed structures like barns, public buildings, crates, flooring, old wood fencing, old gym floors, and a variety of other sources.

Change up the cabinets

Open shelving creates a sense of more space and allows you to showcase favorite dishes and kitchenware.

A variety of looks from industrial to country-kitchen can be created with open shelving. The patina of shelves from reclaimed metals can add a sleek industrial or a rustic look, depending on the metal finish.

Simply removing the doors of some existing cabinets can create an open look. Another option is changing cabinet doors to a different kind of wood, or other material, or adding glass doors.

Dress up the countertops

The retro trend is butcher block. It is sturdy, utilitarian, and virtually maintenance free only needing an occasional coating of mineral oil.

Reclaimed wood countertops are favorites for adding texture to a kitchen. The classic quartz-finish materials and tile continue to be favorites for countertops and backsplashes.

Add personal touches

Whether you are building a brand new kitchen or remodeling the old one, the kitchen remodel experts at Central Pacific Construction work with you every step of the way, including with the final personal touches. Choosing the final touches like drawer pulls, sink fixtures, appliances, and even where and how to display favorite art or collectibles are all areas where Central Pacific Construction can help.

Professionals know the sources for unique accessories and fixtures.

Whether your new kitchen is still in the idea stage, or the plans are ready, call Central Pacific Construction. The company has a proven track record for residential and commercial kitchen remodels and some of the highest ratings from satisfied customers on the Central Coast.