Hot restaurant remodel tips from Paso Robles’ best contractor

Hot restaurant remodel tips from Paso Robles’ best contractor

Opening a new restaurant or want to give your current eatery a face lift? Frank Cueva, from Central Pacific Construction, often rated the best contractor in Paso Robles, has some ideas that can give your restaurant a fresh look that your staff, regular patrons and new customers will love.

Next to excellent food, restaurant patrons like a clean and roomy appearance. Along with your ideas about themes, décor and colors, there are several basics that not only help a space look clean and roomy, but actually make it easier to keep your restaurant clean and organized. Based on his years of construction experience and building and remodeling many restaurants, Cueva has the following tips to help make your remodeling plans a reality:

  • Dress up the entrance. Awnings, plants and outdoor seating create “curb appeal” that creates interest for people looking for a good place for a good meal. Adding some complimentary paint colors to the front entrance and updated signage are statements saying, “come on in and enjoy.”
  • Create more space and this doesn’t necessarily mean knocking out walls. Any space can be made to seem more spacious by opening up the ceiling or adding architectural features that make the ceiling seem higher. Some of the remodeling techniques that can “raise the ceiling” include flush lighting, shining light onto the ceiling (up lighting), installing certain styles of molding at the tops of the walls, and painting or ceiling tiles.
  • Creating more floor space does not mean knocking out walls, either. Adding a hallway that leads to a patio or adding outdoor seating in front are two very popular options to adding space for more tables.
  • Adding windows, making windows larger, adding decorative transoms and skylights all bring in more natural light.
  • Maintaining ADA standards is critical. Accessible entrance and exits, seating, bathrooms and mobility issues are all important aspects of any remodel. The best contractor in Paso Robles makes sure all the ADA requirements are met, helping you accommodate all of your customers.
  • Outdoor dining is even more popular than in past years. Adding a patio, along with romantic lighting creates more table space. A retractable cover and safe portable heaters or a fireplace keep the patio useable in cold and wet months.  
  • Adding or remodeling storage cabinets for more efficient storage and to reduce clutter. Overhead pot racks in a kitchen, cabinets and pantries with swing-out shelving can add as much as four times more storage space. Custom cabinets create a space for everything, including a vacuum, broom, mop and buckets. 
  • Open up the kitchen and install a bar where guests can sit and watch their food being prepared.
  • Update the floors. Hard surface flooring in a restaurant is much easier to keep clean than rugs or carpet. Select flooring material and patterns that compliment your restaurant’s theme and color scheme.

Cueva and his team have earned their reputation as the best contractor in Paso Robles. Building and remodeling residential and commercial properties since 1997 has given Cueva the breadth of experience needed to bring creative ideas to your restaurant.

Central Pacific Construction maintains the highest levels of service and workmanship. The team comes with an unmatched work ethic and meticulous eye for detail. The things the team can do to help you create the restaurant you want include:

  • Remodels. When it’s time to bring your restaurant’s functions and designs to the next level, you can rely on the team for inspired designs and sturdy construction. With some of the most popular and beautiful restaurants in the entire area in the company portfolio, there is no job out of their league. Check out the intensive remodel of the Paso Robles Chicken Shack, one of the company’s most recent projects.
  • Repairs. As time goes on, your restaurant is going to need some repairs. The experienced and respectful crew can take care of them for you and get your restaurant back into top shape in no time!
  • Custom Builds. Your vision of owning your own restaurant and the land and building housing it are coming true. With over 20 years in the construction field, the team has developed the listening and communication skills to honor your vision and bring a level of expertise and constructive advice that gets you to your dream, meets all building codes and is built to last.

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