Paso Robles general contractor reports the top reasons to include the contractor in building plans

Paso Robles general contractor reports the top reasons to include the contractor in building plans

-“Well, of course the contractor is included,” says everyone! “Yes,” agrees Frank Cueva from Central Pacific Construction, “but not always at the right time; to get the most benefit, include us from the very beginning, even before hiring an architect.”

Proper and thorough planning is critical for a successful building project, be it residential or commercial. Many details need to be considered such as:

  • The geology of the land where the building is to be constructed. Even flat surfaces need some treatment to prepare the ground to bear a foundation and driveway. Slopes require more special preparation and building on a slope also requires specific engineering and design.
  • What is the vision for the new building? Is it a single family home? Maybe it’s a duplex or a single family home with attached or separated in-law living quarters. Is the new building an office building or a new retail space? How many business tenants are to occupy the commercial space? Is the home or commercial building going to fit in with surrounding architecture or introduce a new design?
  • What are the zoning regulations for the area?
  • What’s the best source for building materials, especially specialty materials or architectural components?

These are only a handful of the questions that need to be answered before picking up the phone and calling an architect to design your new home or office. It’s relatively easy to visualize the final product but without detailed planning, the results may not all come together to your satisfaction.

Including a general contractor such as Paso Robles’ Central Pacific Construction in the project from the start has several benefits:

  • Knows the engineering requirements for building upon different types of geology and can recommend important design and construction features as well as the best resources for important things such as geological and soil analysis
  • Has the experience and knowledge to recommend the best building materials that will help make your vision a reality
  • Has the network available to recommend an architect who is going to work with you for the best design results
  • Oversees every aspect of the project from design to grading, foundation work, electrical, plumbing, interior/exterior painting, landscaping and any other aspect of building your new home or office
  • Has experience working with local building regulators and can save time and money by identifying potential problems in the plans and recommending appropriate design alternatives
  • Assist with developing a project plan, schedule and budget and advise about adjustments as the project proceeds

A general contractor such as Paso Robles’ Central Pacific Construction can help establish clear expectations early in the project and reduce the risk of expensive delays and unsatisfactory results. Clear expectations are a leading factor in project success and the general contractor can help coordinate all aspects and phases of any construction project, helping assure that every benchmark is met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Central Pacific Construction has specialized in residential and commercial construction since 1997. The company has completed remodels and construction for residences, tenant projects, restaurants, retail spaces and a variety of other commercial projects. The team takes pride in taking on new challenges and being a top residential and commercial contractor on California’s Central Coast. The team has a strong reputation for excellent service, bold, stylish designs and delivering on time and within budget.

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