Tips for rental property kitchen remodeling from the Paso Robles contractor

Tips for rental property kitchen remodeling from the Paso Robles contractor

When remodeling a rental, the goal for most property owners is to keep the expenses down while creating updated living spaces for their tenants. “There are a couple of things to keep in mind for a rental remodel,” said Frank Cueva from Central Pacific Construction, a well-known Paso Robles kitchen remodeler and general contractor.

“No matter what the remodel involves, you want the outcome to be easy to maintain and deliver a fresh, updated look,” said Cueva. “These two things are the foundation for the entire remodeling project and are quite affordable.”

Easy to maintain

You have a reasonable expectation that your tenants are going to keep their home clean and tidy and most do. However you are still going to have to do some cleaning and maintenance between tenants. When you have long-term tenants, things are just going to get normal wear over time and need to be repaired.

The easier things are to keep clean or repair the happier everyone is going to be. Some tips include:

  • Countertops that are made from some type of solid surface material are easy to keep clean. There are several highly durable, yet inexpensive materials available to choose from. These materials resist stains, usually resist damage from a pot hot off the stove, and clean up with a damp sponge or dishcloth.
  • Slab style cabinet doors are easier to clean than raised or recessed doors. There are no ledges where dust, spills, drips or kitchen residue can collect. Consider replacing older cabinet doors with newer doors.
  • Make sure the cabinets fit well and there are no gaps between the cabinets, the walls and ceiling where dust can collect. Whether or not custom-built cabinets are the best solution is a question to ask the Paso Robles kitchen remodeler.
  • Kitchen floors need to be sturdy to tolerate foot traffic, spills, and dropped pots and kitchen utensils, but still be easy to clean. Choose a durable material that is going to last.
  • Simple blinds over windows offer privacy and reduce maintenance. No drapery or curtains to have cleaned or replaced between tenants. Optionally installing the hardware for tenant-owned curtains or drapes minimizes the chances of walls being damaged by improperly installed curtain rods.  

Fresh and updated look

Light and bright is a pretty good philosophy for kitchen design. Neutral colors, easy to clean surfaces, and sleek looking appliances and fixtures can add an updated look without breaking the bank.

A fresh coat of paint always goes a long way towards updating a kitchen as well as the rest of the home.

Your tenants are going arrive with their own décor to give the kitchen and the rest of the home a personal touch. For your benefit, durable and easy to clean surfaces are going to minimize your maintenance efforts and expenses. For your tenants, you want to give them a fresh canvas where they can take pride in their new home.

The average length of time a tenant stays in one residence is three years. Keeping maintenance costs under control with remodeling designs that don’t normally need expensive repairs and cleaning between tenants is smart strategy.

For ideas tailored to your particular rental property, call the Paso Robles kitchen remodeling company today!