Paso Robles Contractor Reports Best Design Trends For Recycled Materials

Recycling used materials into home and office remodels has gone quite a long way past old barn wood and pallets. Frank Cueva, owner of Central Pacific Construction, a company rated one the best contractors in Paso Robles has summarized some of the hottest trends.

“Recycling is more than a trend,” said Cueva. “It’s economic and makes good sense for the environment. Materials that might otherwise wind up in the landfill get a new purpose and last for many more years.”

Reclaimed wood and architectural features are the most commonly reused materials. The aged patina on old wood adds character to floors, walls, cabinetry, and doors and lets the new owners make a personal statement. Architectural features, especially vintage items, create unique atmospheres in homes, offices, or as additions to entryways, patios, or public approaches to business buildings. Artisans are handcrafting entire suites of furniture from recycled wood, plastic, and machine parts. It is Cueva’s willingness to explore all the options with his clients that has made Central Pacific Construction the best contractor in Paso Robles and working with recycled materials is one of those options.

Along with vintage and high-quality doors, windows, and tile that have been salvaged when buildings are demolished, there is a wide selection of recycled options for every taste.

  • Cement countertop embedded with recycled glass, tile, or other materials are an alternative to traditional countertop materials. These kinds of countertops are labor intensive to create, making them more expensive than a normal countertop, but they certainly make a personal statement.
  • Paper composite countertops are made of paper (or wood-based fibers), natural pigments, and non-petroleum-based resins. These materials are mixed, compressed, and baked at very high heat to create dense, durable, nonporous monolithic slabs. The finished product is similar to Corian but is more earth-friendly. Paper composite counters are most commonly made from recycled paper. The final composite is lighter than stone and can be easily cut and shaped. Countertops from paper composite are harder than wood, nonporous, and suitable for use inside or outside.
  • Recycled metal can accent a wall, doors, or just about any other feature in a home or office. Metal accents meet the full range from rustic to high-tech and industrial to elegant. A muted brushed finish on front door panels or a bathroom countertop can add a touch of understated elegance. Corrugated tin panels, new or with a natural rust patina, create a unique atmosphere for that outdoor kitchen in the patio.
  • There are tile companies that specialize in manufacturing glass tiles only from recycled glass.

Basically, with a little imagination, just about any kind of material can be reused in creative ways. When using recycled, or “aftermarket” materials in a construction project, be sure that the material is durable enough for the job. That beautifully grained old barn wood beam is tempting, but be sure it is termite and rot free and there are no cracks.

Before making a final decision about recycled materials, discuss the ideas and the materials with the best contractor in Paso Robles. Especially get the advice of the experts about the quality of the materials of choice to be sure they are safe and meet solid engineering and building code requirements.

Central Pacific Constructions has served residential and commercial building and remodeling needs for San Luis Obispo County since 1997. The locally owned company takes pride in superior workmanship and meticulous attention to detail.