Paso Robles Contractor Reports ‘Tips for Choosing the Best Windows’

Paso Robles Contractor Reports ‘Tips for Choosing the Best Windows’

-Windows are important for insulation, air flow, light and the right design in windows adds beauty and value to both residential and commercial property. Frank Cueva, owner of the Paso Robles contracting company, Central Pacific Construction, has some tips to help property owners choose the window styles that deliver the best of all the benefits.

“The first thing to consider is that the window style compliments the building style,” said Cueva. “No matter how beautiful the home or commercial building, or the window style, if they don’t match you are not going to get the look you’ll be happy with.”

For example, Victorian style buildings look their best with windows that were commonly used in Victorian style homes. Those are windows typically called “bay and bow,” “arched,” and even oval or round. Rectangular windows are also common for Victorian structures.

Window considerations include:

  • Consider the climate. What is the dominant climate for your area? Mediterranean climate would benefit from double-glazed windows while living in snow might need triple-glazed. Appropriate Weatherproof or weather resistant window frames are also important to think about.
  • Is ventilation important? If so, windows that open are going to be important. Whether the window slides (up/down or sideways) or opens outward is a personal preference.
  • The frame material needs to be attractive and durable. Window frames are made from aluminum, composite materials, vinyl, fiberglass and wood. Cost is always a factor and the variety of window styles and frame choices means that the right window frame is probably available. When working with a creative team, such as the Paso Robles construction crew, property owners can rely on cost-effective and eye-appealing solutions that meet the budget.

Whether constructing a new building or remodeling an existing home or business, the windows need as much attention as the roof, walls, floors, plumbing and electrical wiring. Not only do the best windows you can afford add value to the property, well-fitted and be appropriate for the weather.

When remodeling, old windows frequently need to be replaced because of age, building shift, or faults with the glass. Windows that don’t open and close easily or that are weak, loose or damaged need to be replaced. New, energy-efficient windows can also significantly reduce energy-costs.

Two final tips:

  • If one existing window needs to be replaced due to problems associated with age, more windows probably need to be replaced.
  • Don’t forget dormers, doors and sliding doors that not only add beauty and value to a building, but can enhance the choice of windows for a complete interior and exterior look.

The Paso Robles construction team can inspect and evaluate windows that need to be replaced, and help recommend new windows for remodeling and for new construction. Central Pacific Construction has provided the highest levels of service and workmanship for a wide range of building projects since 1997. The company specializes in remodeling and new construction of homes, restaurants, retail and other commercial as well as tenant improvements. “We bring a high level of expertise to everything we do and enjoy taking on new challenges,” said Cueva.

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