Paso Robles Contractor reveals the top built in storage solutions

Paso Robles Contractor reveals the top built in storage solutions

Tired of opening the closet and having stuff fall on your head? It’s time to check in with Central Pacific Construction, rated the best contractor in Paso Robles for help creating more storage space. The trends in built-in storage not only give you more easily-accessible storage space, a place for everything is going to make your home more appealing to buyers when you decide to sell. In fact, even commercial office and retail space can benefit from efficient built-in storage.

Frank Cueva, owner of Central Pacific Construction, said there are a few things to consider when adding built-in storage.

  • Do you want custom-built storage that takes advantage of existing closets and cabinets?
  • Are you considering some renovations to enlarge closets, the laundry room, or other spaces where storage can be added?

There are several options for both choices. Things to consider include:

  • Long-term storage for things that don’t need to be accessed very often.
  • Medium-term storage for seasonal items such as clothing and holiday decorations.
  • Frequent and daily access such as food, kitchen utensils, clothing, cleaning supplies, workshop and garden tools and home office supplies.

The best Paso Robles contactor team at Central Pacific Construction can help you decide which built-in storage solutions are going to work for you. Some of the trends to consider include:

  • Garage storage including a mix of counter top cabinets that provide a work surface and closet type storage with adequate-sized adjustable shelves. Overhead and hanging storage is another way to keep items out of the way but still easy to reach.
  • Adding shelving and drawers inside a closet can add more storage space than you might think. Efficient shelving and drawer systems in a bedroom closet still leaves plenty of room for clothes. The advantage of custom-built closet storage is that you get exactly what you need for every closet.
  • Laundry rooms are prime spaces for custom-built closets, cabinets and shelving. In addition to a place to store laundry and extra cleaning supplies in an uncluttered way, it’s ideal for storing a variety of other items that are only used occasionally. Just be sure the items stored in laundry areas are not going to be affected by dampness.
  • Roll out shelves give you access to items stored in the back of a cabinet without having to get down on your hands and knees and dig around in the cabinet. Simply pull out the shelf and select what you want. Roll out shelves can be turned into bins to prevent items from falling off give you more versatility.
  • Fold-out cabinets, a series of narrow connected cabinets that fold out and back in, just like folding doors, can expand storage space four times or more and make any space much more efficient.
  • Other trends include customized storage for pot lids so they are in one place, dedicated storage that keeps food storage containers and lids in an organized space, special spaced adjustable shelves for storing bed and bath linens, and customized bathroom storage.

Some tips that help make storage spaces flexible include adjustable shelves, creating more bedroom floor space with built-in drawers in the closets, open shelving in some areas and even converting a closet to another purpose such as creating a study or home office space.

Custom built-in storage isn’t limited to homes. Small businesses of all types benefit from storage that is customized to your business. Retail needs versatile accessible storage so merchandise can be rotated quickly. Offices need space for supplies and efficient use of floor space for office equipment, employee workspaces. Just about every business needs efficient storage. Efficient storage helps create a professional look that is another level of confidence to your customers.

Central Pacific Construction has been serving the Central Coast building and construction needs since 1997. The team takes pride in superior workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and meeting every challenge to your satisfaction and within your budget. Call today for custom solutions for your storage needs.