Paso Robles Kitchen Remodeling Company Reports The Latest Trends For New Kitchens

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–The average American kitchen could use a little upgrade even though it might seem like an overwhelming project. Central Pacific Construction, the Paso Robles kitchen remodeling experts, has published a list of modern kitchen trends to help save some headaches for people planning a remodel.

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas And Trends

Having a comfortable, stylish and clean space to work and thrive is no longer just a luxury. The recent changes in technology, style, and function of so many kitchen essentials make it an exciting time to remodel the most important part of the home. A cozy place to entertain, and gather around the table while cooking and socializing, the kitchen is almost like a second living room.

The experts can answer questions and recommend the best solutions for:

  • Functional kitchen storage
  • New appliance styles
  • Flooring for the kitchen
  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Materials of the future

Functional kitchen storage

Still working in a kitchen full of crowded, unorganized and hard to reach cabinet space? Modern kitchens make useful space of each inch of cabinetry. Custom draw dividers for cutlery, pull out trays for spices, tray dividers, rollout trays all make storage and availability much easier. Consider adding customized cabinetry during kitchen remodeling. Paso Robles family chefs can have everything exactly where it needs to be.

New appliance styles

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have been taking over the market, but one new trend is becoming just as popular. Black stainless steel. Another fun and interesting trend to watch for is retro, colorful appliances. Vintage looking refrigerators, stoves and ovens are all making a comeback in kitschy cute colors like baby blue and pink. The trend in commercial looking kitchens is slowly fading into more aesthetic looking kitchens, with functional and sleek style.

Flooring for the kitchen

Old and cracked, laminate flooring of funky colors and patterns is on its way out of kitchens everywhere. The beautiful rustic and recycled hardwood floors are coming into style, and have been leading the way with ceramic tiles close behind. Another hot trend of flooring is stained concrete. Flooring and sustainable products made in the United States are getting a lot of focus and it is a good thing!

Kitchen surfaces

Considering quality and valuable materials as a luxury is a thing of the past. With composite materials, stone and quartz countertops and surfaces are making a huge impact on the way new kitchens are being built. The grandeur and beauty of statement pieces of marble increase the value of any space. The functionality of quartz and initially installing a good material that lasts is a great investment for the future.

Materials of the future

The modern industrial style kitchens feature wood, concrete, steel and raw materials. The unfinished looks of kitchen remodeling Paso Robles clients appreciate are finding their way into homes and commercial spaces. The wide variety of eco-friendly materials available from today’s innovative technology help to build kitchens that cost less and have a better impact on the environment.

Central Pacific Construction has been providing building and remodeling services to San Luis Obispo County since 1997. The owner, Frank Cueva, said, “We are proud of our superior workmanship and attention to detail.”

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