When is it Time to Get Your Paso Robles Restaurant Remodel Done?


Time and style wait for no one, and as your business has flexed with time you’ve probably taken this lesson to heart by now. Changing the art on the wall can only take you so far, and you’ve surely asked yourself by now: is it time to go for a full blown Paso Robles restaurant remodel?

But is it?

When is the right time?

It’s the right time when you can afford it

Be sure of your finances and be realistic with your budget. Don’t put too much of a strain on yourself, or on your business’s finances. With any renovation, restaurant, commercial space or home there are going to be unforeseen issues that come up, and horrible problems that are lurking beneath the surface. Your projected budget and how much you actually spend aren’t going to match up 100%. And unfortunately, more often than not you’re going to be going over budget.

So when you’re thinking it’s time to dig in to your Paso Robles restaurant remodel and give your restaurant an overhaul in the design and function just make sure that you’ve got the kind of budget that can handle it—and a little wiggle room to spare.

It’s the right time when you’ve got a clear vision

Go into your remodel prepared with a clear plan for what you want to accomplish, and how you want it to turn out. If you go into the remodel with no vision established you run the risk of the design getting muddled. Your whole restaurant’s identity could get confused and end up driving away your customers.

Flying by the seat of your pants isn’t a good method for making good design decisions. If you’ve got the budget lined up, and a clear vision of what you want moving forward then your then it’s time to consider a remodel.

Questions to ask before you start your Paso Robles restaurant remodel

  • Ask yourself how much work you’re willing to do, are you willing to get in there and face the remodel yourself?
  • Ask your staff how taking the time off working regular hours will affect them and their lives, and is there a way to ensure that when you open back up again…you haven’t lost your staff.
  • Ask your staff and your regulars for input and opinions. You don’t have to follow their suggestions, but they’ll appreciate the chance to share ideas, and won’t be as jarred by the changes. (As some restaurateurs fear when considering a remodel.)

And Finally

  • Are you ready and committed to this new phase of your restaurant and business?

Who can help with the remodel?

Central Pacific Construction has been providing excellent home remodeling and commercial building for the San Luis Obispo County since 1997. We’ve provided the highest level of service for those 20 years, earning us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We take on any project of any size, and love a challenge. Give us a call at (805) 471-4749 to get the job done right!