Timeless Inspirations For Your Paso Robles Home Remodeling Project!


–Not everyone and everything needs to be “trendy” to have a home with good style. Good style is classic, timeless, but still feels “modern”. Everything you see that’s considered “dated” now was “trendy” then. Don’t fall into the trap of trendy, get inspired by these timeless and elegant home designs listed below.

Every home has a bathroom, and bathrooms are usually the first victims of style. But form and function aren’t separate entities that need to be considered on their own. Think of form and function when picking out your bathroom design and layout.  Your Paso Robles home remodeling project can begin and end with an updated bathroom.

Timeless doesn’t mean throwing out all your modern amenities and ideas, timeless and traditional are cousins, but not the same. Timeless are things that will be stylish in the decades to come, like the high contrast dark under cabinets with the light marble countertops. Kitchens are the center of the home and generally the center of larger Paso Robles ho


me remodeling project for very good reason. The kitchen is a high traffic area and deserves to have a timeless, clean look, that makes it a great focal point of your home.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living-room is the life of it.this timeless design features solid hardwood floors, a fireplace (with the modern twist being the gas insert. Much easier to manage,) and the built-in bookshelves make it both modern and useful, but also a great timeless element to your Paso Robles home remodeling goals. A fireplace never goes out of style, and more storage is always going to be in high demand. The white walls and mid-tone floors are timeless choices that let the furniture and decor pieces shine.

Vaulted ceilings involve a major renovation project to bring to fruition, but boy are they worth it. Opening a room all the way to the roof makes the room feel huge in comparison, and almost like a mansion without having to have the mansion size. Not every room needs to be (or can be) vaulted, but a new addition for sitting in is perfect, and raises the value of the house in the long run too!

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