Project Profile: Paso Robles Commercial Builder Central Pacific Construction Presents Hot Yoga!


The Hot Yoga Building remodel we’re working on here at the Paso Robles commercial builder Central Pacific Construction is a really exciting project. This emerging business is the first of its kind to the area and we’re very proud to be working on it. Below, we’ve assembled a small profile on the project:

What is “Hot Yoga”?

Yoga, the ancient tradition borne out of Hindu cultures is a method of meditation and exercise technique that’s been around about as long as that culture has existed. There are dozens of different schools of Yoga from it’s home in India, but Hot Yoga is something that’s specific to Western Culture.

Hot Yoga is a style of Yoga that is practiced in hot and humid conditions. Though the school may vary teacher to teacher, the inspiration is rooted firmly in Indian culture and climate. It stands to reason as well, it may seem more comfortable doing yoga in a comfortably air conditioned space, but there isn’t much of an adjustment in technique for adjusting the circumstances around it. Using the hot and humid environment that the exercise mode originated in, they get intensified results.

Project Details:

This project is in a 2,500 square foot space in the heart of Paso Robles. And, since there are no other Hot Yoga facilities in the area it’s a really exciting opportunity and project for any Paso Robles commercial builder … like us!

A hot yoga facility requires unique technical elements that aren’t in every build. It gives us a chance to really stretch our wings and test our skills. When it’s done, it’ll show what we’re really made of when it comes to our designs, quality and resources.

We’ve got to create an environment that can produce and maintain the temperatures in the 80-90F range and near 100% humidity. Not many materials can withstand that sort of constant abuse but still be comfortable enough for the exercise.

The owners of the Hot Yoga business have been working with us very closely to make this the best Hot Yoga facility out there and not every Paso Robles commercial builder would be able to accomplish what we have and what we still hope to achieve in this project as we wrap it up for their opening day in September!


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