Paso Robles Restaurant Remodel Trends and Ideas From 2017


While “trends” and “fashion” do change season to season, year to year, the trends that go along with interior design and architecture are a bit different. Interior design, retail space design, and particularly Paso Robles restaurant remodel design aim to stand against the fads of time. Restaurant remodels are supposed to feel timeless, new, even if they’ve been up for years. “Trendy” nowadays means something with interesting textures, an industrial feel, or a theme that’s out of the ordinary.

Consider Industrial

Industrial designs are big hits, from the Edison style filament bulbs and wire cage lighting fixtures to exposed brick and concrete floors. The bulbs create that unique and attractive ambiance that is really attractive. There is a huge benefit to the concrete flooring too, it’s both attractive, relatively cheap, and easy to maintain. If you’re going for timeless, incorporating an industrial feel to your Paso Robles restaurant remodel and design is a smash hit.

Incorporate Organic Elements

Organic doesn’t always have to refer to the food you’re serving. It’s simply referring to a style of design incorporating botanical elements and motifs that are inspired by nature. Incorporating these into your design can be in the way of a textured wall paper, live plants on display for wall art, or incredible built-ins like the one above.

Along the back wall, there’s the incredible vertical garden that helps filter air and bring a bit of organic brightness to the space. Another great style trend is done by using unfinished wood to maintain that natural feel. Be wary on this one though, it’s hard to clean.

Avoid Clichés

One of the greatest downfalls to your great Paso Robles restaurant remodel would be to fall into the clichés. If you’re serving Americana food, keep the remodel design out of the 50s, don’t plaster an Italian or Mexican restaurant in layers of tacky memorabilia. Look deep into the heart of the food you want to serve, and the kind of atmosphere you want to provide. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the clichés that “seemed to work” when there’s a stunning, ultra-functional, and long-lasting design that will carry your restaurant to the top.

Who can help with the remodel?

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