Tips for remodeling older homes from the Paso Robles contractor

Tips for remodeling older homes from the Paso Robles contractor

Some people buy older homes with the thought of “fixing it up.” There is a certain amount of attraction to some older homes. Sometimes the purchase price can be less expensive than newer homes, they tend to have bigger yards, and some of the architecture can be unique. “But,” says Frank Cueva, the Paso Robles contractor from Central Pacific Construction, “older homes can have a lot of issues that need to be considered.”

It might be surprising to some to learn that an “older home” isn’t necessarily the old farmhouse with the wrap-around porch. The real estate industry considers any home built before 1970 to be an “older home.” Estimates are that half of the homes in the United States were built before 1980 and 40% of those were built before 1970. Whether a home was built in 1870 or 1970, there are some points to consider when it comes to remodeling, especially if the home has never had any remodeling or structural work.

Two of the most common issues are the roof and the foundation. If the rest of the house is structurally sound, replacing the roof or reinforcing the foundation might be a great investment. If the intention is to take advantage of local building regulations and use the presence of the old home to build a new home, the condition of the roof, foundation, or other parts of the house may not be an issue. Central Pacific Construction is known as one of the best contractors in Paso Robles because of the team’s ability to take on challenges and deliver extraordinarily high-quality workmanship and service.

Other common concerns include:

  • Termites, mold and dry rot can mean major work. Tenting for termites is only the first step. Removing and replacing damaged structural elements can be a huge endeavor. Termite damage and water damage can go hand-in-hand. Which comes first is up for debate. Both termites and water damage weaken and damage the affected areas. Termite damage lets in water. Water leaks can attract termites. Water damage can lead to mold, which, in its own way can eat as much wood as termites in addition to drywall, grout and masonry.
  • Septic systems, especially in rural homes, may be outdated and need to be replaced with new modern septic tanks and a fresh new leach field.
  • Plumbing and electrical wiring at a minimum need a thorough inspection to know what kinds of repairs and upgrades are necessary. Lead pipes are still in use in plumbing systems.
  • Speaking of lead, homes built before 1978 might contain lead-based paint. Caution needs to be taken when removing old lead-based paint chips. There are non-toxic products that can be painted over lead paint but be sure to wear the proper protective equipment.
  • Asbestos was a common building material. In the 40 years between 1940 and 1980, it was in every home and building because it was included in flooring, adhesives, insulation, and ceiling tiles or coating. Rely on the experts to remove asbestos.

Another important consideration when remodeling or restoring an older home is preserving the historical integrity of the home. When someone buys an older home for the architecture there are features they want to preserve. Fortunately, skilled craftsmen can replicate or repair damaged architectural components and restore the home as close to its original character as possible.

Central Pacific Construction has been rated one of the best contractors in Paso Robles since it was founded in 1997. Frank Cueva and his team have been specializing in both residential and commercial construction and remodeling with consistently excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

“We offer an extensive list of professional services. No matter what your building or remodeling needs are, we work with you to develop a timeline and budget that gets your job done to your satisfaction,” says Cueva.

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