When is the best time for a commercial building remodel?

When is the best time for a commercial building remodel?

When should you plan to remodel a commercial building? Frank Cueva, The Paso Robles contractor from Central Pacific Construction says, “Anytime you need to remodel is the time to do it, but there are certain times and situations when it’s more convenient to remodel.”

The top circumstances for remodeling include:

  • Selling or buying a commercial property.
  • Before a new tenant moves in.
  • Damage requiring major repairs.

The first consideration when planning to remodel a commercial property is taking care of current tenants. No one wants their business interrupted or inconvenienced. Even if the improvements are going to be good for business once they are done, construction is still going to have an impact on your tenant businesses and their customers.

Once the decision to remodel is made, schedule the date far enough in advance for tenants to notify their employees and customers about the construction work and how long it’s going to take. The more information people have ahead of time, the less inconvenienced they feel.

  • Chip in for signage and flyers to keep everyone informed about the progress of the project.
  • Make sure signage is up far enough in advance for customers, delivery drivers, your tenants, and the general public to know a project is starting and about how long it’ll take.
  • Plan a small celebration for tenants and their customers when the project is done.

Selling or buying a commercial property

A vacant commercial property is an ideal situation for remodeling. It’s a clean canvas and the results can be anything the owner envisions. However, keep in mind that the longer the space is not available to lease, the less income. There are some options for getting the necessary interior remodeling completed so tenants can move in, such as:

  • Do necessary work first, such as restrooms, electrical upgrades, and telecommunication upgrades. These essentials will be completed and ready when tenants begin to move in.
  • Remodel space-by-space, making each space ready for occupancy on a progressive schedule to start generating income as soon as possible.

A consultation with the Paso Robles contractor will help develop a strategy and timeline for getting the remodeling done and tenants moving in as soon as possible.

Before a new tenant moves in

It takes time for a business to move from one location to another. Use that time between tenants to make some improvements that upgrade the space.

Tenants for office and retail complexes, medical offices, and manufacturing facilities frequently require special design features. Preparing the offices and other spaces for these requirements is also the time to make other remodeling improvements.

Damage requiring major repairs

Anytime repairs are needed is a good time for remodeling. Since the building or portions of the building may be inaccessible due to the damage, taking advantage of needed repairs to upgrade the property increases its value. New or returning tenants have a fresh, upgraded space to conduct business.

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